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NEWS! Panda Update 3.5 in A Nutshell – Latest SEO Do’s and Don’ts

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Google Panda Update 3.5

And here comes Google Panda 3.5,  savior as well as terminator of many online businesses. Just rolled out of Google shelves  Panda 3.5 is not much discussed and that’s why nothing can be much said with surety about it functioning. But there are some key points which are noticeable and hinted at Google Official blog on how you can be a WINNER or big LOSER to Google Panda update 3.5. To brief, Panda 3.5 will bring 11.8% change to user queried results of web pages especially of US audience encouraging healthy web ecosystem to prevail. so what are the Do’s and Don’ts after Panda 3.5 Update Continue reading →

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Dual Linking SEO – An SEO Safeguard from Panda Updates

It is seen that Google updates its PANDA and many businesses just blown up overnight only because their websites are not following latest Panda trend to index their web pages in SERPs. I am not here in a debate that whether is it justified or not but as an SEO we can safeguard our approaches by tweaking Panda if that something goes wrong in future our websites remain safe sacrificing some other website in place of our main website. The approach to such kind of SEO is called Dual Linking SEO. So, what’s that? See the image below:
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Request Outdated Cache Removal Google for any Web Page – Google Tools for Cache Removal

Remove Web Page Cache from Your own Website
Remove Web Page Cache from somebody Other’s website

Example Instances To Request Cache Removal to Google

Sometimes it is required to flush down Google cache for some of your web pages as those gets updated and Google cache still holds old preview of same. Cache removals of web page snippets are required for those web sites whose contents get updated each hour and webmasters of those can’t afford slow cache update mechanism of Google. Though Google employs “Query Deserves Freshness” a.k.a  Google “Caffine” algorithms for web pages which update frequently and are highly viewed by masses but still the cache module of Google needs some time to be updated which might distracts users from on time information if they land directly on cached version of website, somehow. Continue reading →

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EnhanceYour SEO with FREE Online Keyword Suggestion Scraper Tools

We SEO generally leverage Google Suggest to scoop out most juicy and less competitive terms to to attain good rankings of our webpages in Google SERP indexes for that keyword. But isn’t that Google Keyword Suggestion Scraper tool is constrained to Google search results only. Though Google without doubts, is now a major search engine player in industry but is it wise to forget other search engines only because they possess minute share in industry? Nevertheless small but they give you a business, good. Moreover; Google is abandoned or is not prioritized in some countries where other search engines have good hold on market e.g. Baidu in China or you pledge your business with Google only, any contracts? thats another story. Continue reading →

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Google Cache Preview for Web Page Broken Links and It’s Effect on your SEO

Recently a friend of mine told me an alternative but effective way to know how your links appears to Google cache and if some are broken then how Google differentiates your website preview in its SERPs than those whose links are maintained properly. The method I am going to illustrate here is an alternative to know if Google cached your website while some of your links are broken during its creation.

Click this arrow to get Google preview of any web page

google preview of web page Continue reading →

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Tweak your WebPage Title to SEO – Google Title SEO Tricks

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As most of you know that Page title if structured well does a lot in building web page rankings. Though; an old concept to discuss but“Title Building” is a concept of great worth to implement within your web pages. Hereunder are some Dos and Don’ts to let major search engines like Google into believing that your newly created webpage does actually posses some worth to its audience and thereby presenting it high into its SERPs.

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Proactively Verify Your hReviews with Google Webmasters Rich Snippet Tools

Every time you maintain hReviews for your products, webpages, blog posts, urls, etc. there are pretty even chances of its being flagged as invalid by Google as if it lacks some necessary properties which you forgot to mention somehow. HTML editor tools have no built-in support for semantic tags verification. Furthermore; you can’t wait for making changes until your pages get cached by search engines that confirm if embedded rich snippets are valid or not which also is no productive way to maintain hReviews. Continue reading →

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Jump To Link SEO – CopyCat Wikipedia Structures to SEO

Wikipedia SEO

Having seen Wikipedia pages holding top position in Google SERPs to your queries one question that hit the nerves ofevery SEO is why that so? Whats different in Wikipedia? Though being a largest library of text documents over web what makes Wikipedia pages claiming high on Google search results?

Table of Contents

  1. Wikipedia Structure
  2. Consistent and conventional Architechture
    1. Jump To Link SEO
    2. Jump To Link SEO Implementation
  3. Quality and Original Content
  4. Large Community of users actively contributing to expand it

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Let Google Display your Product Reviews with Stars in Its SERPs

Hello Readers

hReview and RDF Rich snippet

As some of you have came across sites to which search engines are showing their product reviews in its SERPs showing average user ratings to their products crafting entire website description as if it meant for that product only. And, if you actually visit that website source and read the original website description then it is entirely different then that appears in search engines index.

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Increase Your Youtube Channel Video Views to Success

Enhance YouTube Video Views
Table Of Contents

  1. YouTube SEO
  2. Trick to Increase YouTube Video Views
  3. Popular Views Increment Service
  4. Concept Behind Enhance Views
  5. Promised Video Views Increment
  6. Steps to Increase YouTube Video View Counts
  7. Points to Remember while increasing YouTube Video Views

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