Google Cache Preview for Web Page Broken Links and It’s Effect on your SEO

Recently a friend of mine told me an alternative but effective way to know how your links appears to Google cache and if some are broken then how Google differentiates your website preview in its SERPs than those whose links are maintained properly. The method I am going to illustrate here is an alternative to know if Google cached your website while some of your links are broken during its creation.

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google preview of web page

So let’s get started with tutorial. One day I just entered “cafe” over Google search probably to get some glimpse and aroma of hot coffee but it turns into useful exploration. More often than not I previewed website in Google SERPs before actually landing onto it because its website design which lures me to worth entering into it, you might have others reasons, probably. So, for “café” query the preview I get for “Flickr Photo Sharing” website is something like this.

Google Preview of Broken Web Page


Google tear down any webpage just to fit in its preview window but what I found is that webpage is teared in between also. Immediately I opened my “link sleuth checker”. The broken links checker software and what I found is that webpage actually contains one broken link and it is the reason Google previewed its page as teared.

I confirmed that by looking other web pages over same query and found that web pages that are properly maintained get good Google previews as well and Google teared down their web pages only when Google preview Window ends.

Web page with no Broken Link

So check out all your maintained websites if those have some broken links and cached by Google. If it is, then immediately fill them up to get good Google index positions of your web pages.

Note: I already mentioned that this is only an alternative to know if Google cached down your website before you making it complete. Good practice always calls for proactively checking web pages for any broken links and if there are; fill’em up as soon as possible. 

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