Dual Linking SEO – An SEO Safeguard from Panda Updates

It is seen that Google updates its PANDA and many businesses just blown up overnight only because their websites are not following latest Panda trend to index their web pages in SERPs. I am not here in a debate that whether is it justified or not but as an SEO we can safeguard our approaches by tweaking Panda if that something goes wrong in future our websites remain safe sacrificing some other website in place of our main website. The approach to such kind of SEO is called Dual Linking SEO. So, what’s that? See the image below:

Dual Linking SEO

According to this image we can create some free blog having links to our main webpage to which you like to promote but instead of promoting main website directly we can promote this blog and directs web traffic to first land on this blog and then filtered down to our index page through hyperlinks. This way Google understands that visitors traffic is coming from some referral site but not from any potentially vulnerable link networking site.

Remember it is the free blog that you maintains to bring rankings to your site. Leaking links to your main website from blog though potentially dangerous but of great benefit as well and even if someday Google flagged your blog as spam then it is your blog which gets sufered and not your main website. Thus sacrificing any ad-hoc blog in place of your corporate website seems to be a good trade and safe approach to aggressive SEO as well.

By this you need not to leak any links to any extrenal web page from your main website’s home page which never let Panda to ever penalize you. Secondly; getting visitors from some referral is positive measure and is mush beneficial than direct visitors traffic Blog can be exploited to some extents to fetch more traffic which is not possible nor even suggestive for busness web sites. It automatically counts on link wheeling if you apply same concept over more than one blog pointing to your business website.

In short Dual Linking SEO (Visitors to Blog and Blog to Website) is restriction free technique to SEO while remain vaccinated against Google Panda Updates. Cheers!

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