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Wikipedia SEO

Having seen Wikipedia pages holding top position in Google SERPs to your queries one question that hit the nerves ofevery SEO is why that so? Whats different in Wikipedia? Though being a largest library of text documents over web what makes Wikipedia pages claiming high on Google search results?

Table of Contents

  1. Wikipedia Structure
  2. Consistent and conventional Architechture
    1. Jump To Link SEO
    2. Jump To Link SEO Implementation
  3. Quality and Original Content
  4. Large Community of users actively contributing to expand it

Wikipedia Structure

The answer lies within Wikipedia itself. Wikipedia is just another website holdng .ORG TLD. Apart coming through WIKI script Wikipedia pages are plain HTML when reaches to your browser. What makes Wikipedia different than others is its

Consistent and conventional Architechture
Quality and Original Content
Large Community of users actively contributing to expand it

Throughout this post we cover each aspect of Wikipedia from SEO viewpoint and know how we can simulate our webpages to not even look like Wikipedia but also rank higher by search engines, the authority Wikipedia enjoys.

I am by no way going to tell you about any Wikiscript or its installation. Instead I tell you how you can tweak your Webpages to look and perform more like Wiki pages escaping your efforts to waffle through Wiki scripts.

Consistent and Conventional Architecture

Jump To Link SEO

The answer to consistent and conventional architecture of Wikipedia lies within its meaningful usage of Jump To Links which are also known as Pseudo links, Bookmarks, Hash links in common SEO terminologies. Jump To link SEO enjoys reputation of Web Semantics, means employing Jump To Links to your webpages command Search Engines to actually add meaning to your content aside your Website structure.

Jump To Link SEO Implementation

This Post itself rely heavily on Jump To Link SEO and thats the one major reason you are reading this post. Well; notice above is table of contents which jumps to different div tags of this post and that is what an exact replica of Wiki pages. Each of the Wiki page has Table of Contents at its very start and this makes Wiki unique from others and honored to Search Engines Indexes.

Okay implementing Jump To Link SEO to your webpage divisions is straighforward. Jump To link is an assembly composed of two link components one that makes you jump to some div tag (referral link) and the other one is to which you land (the actual reference).

First look at that link by which you make user jump to some div tag (referral link)

<a href="#demo_link">Demo Link</a>

Here “a” is pointing to some another link with an id of “demo_link”.

Second is that link where you land after hitting first one the code to that is (the actual reference)

<a id="demo_link" title="demo link" name="demo_link" rel="nofollow">Demo Link</a>

Notice that we make this link “nofollow” to search bots as this is not actually a hyperlink but a simple reference link to which referral points. Also note down its syntax we name it “demo_link” in our example, this is the referrence to which referral link points (#demo_link).

“demo_link” is just an example you can use any name but it should be unique to both refrral and referince links as this is the bond which binds the two of them.

Also make sure to give maningful names to your refernce links as it will impart knowledge to search engines about your webpage divisions. One wild example to Jump To Link SEO is:
Wild Example to Jump To Link SEO
Go through its Jump To Link Structure and know better on Jump To Link SEO.

Quality and Original Content

Wikipedia greatly enjoys its top quality contents wriiten by industry veterans which is unique and this lures search engines feeding their hunger for content. So make sure your site have original content if not at least unique. This will help you arrange positions in good books of search Engines, Google particularly.

Large community of users actively contributing to expand it.

Though you can’t generate every website with high level of user activity but basics lie within user level engagement to your website which you can easily attain through social media buttons like Facebook follow, Google +1, etc. Other methods include encouraging your visitors to book your website, subscribe to your feeds, sign into your weekly newsletters, client feedback to your website, webpage surverys, etc. By this you will make up your website structure so much similar to Wikipedia fooling search engines into believing that site actually enjoys acuaintence similar to Wikipedia, good.

More to come, stay tuned with seoclick.com

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