NEWS! Panda Update 3.5 in A Nutshell – Latest SEO Do’s and Don’ts

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Google Panda Update 3.5

And here comes Google Panda 3.5,  savior as well as terminator of many online businesses. Just rolled out of Google shelves  Panda 3.5 is not much discussed and that’s why nothing can be much said with surety about it functioning. But there are some key points which are noticeable and hinted at Google Official blog on how you can be a WINNER or big LOSER to Google Panda update 3.5. To brief, Panda 3.5 will bring 11.8% change to user queried results of web pages especially of US audience encouraging healthy web ecosystem to prevail. so what are the Do’s and Don’ts after Panda 3.5 Update

Panda 3.5 Update in a Nutshell

Avoid WebSpam

Any techniques which propels thin content website high up in Google rankings will no longer be in Google SERP after Panda 3.5 update. The main reasons behind this are Keyword Stuffing, Webmasters participating in vulnerable link schemes and more ads, less content on web page (above the fold).


Use natural seo or no seo according to Google.

Make your website web 2.0 compliant (user engagement), placing social media buttons to websites are highly encouraged.

Maintain your website according to Page Layout algorithm of Google

Avoid irrelevant link Exchanges

Avoid Spun Content. Bounce Rate, Returning Visitors Counts and Average Duration Time per page a user visits website are going to be a major metrices for Search indexing of your website

Use naturally searched keywords  to SEO your web pages and not those which are specific to  industry jargon

Websites should follow Google SEO guidelines especially quality guidelines to be in rankings in Google future SERPs. Error free, valid HTML, valid CSS markup will prioritize.

Create high quality websites which will provide great user experiences. This includes using high end images while providing contextual information and linkings to web pages. Websites solely designed for Google algorithms will no more entertained by Panda 3.5.

Panda 3.5 encourages promotion of websites with original content having deep insights, research and analytic reports on some topic of user search.

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