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Remove Web Page Cache from Your own Website
Remove Web Page Cache from somebody Other’s website

Example Instances To Request Cache Removal to Google

Sometimes it is required to flush down Google cache for some of your web pages as those gets updated and Google cache still holds old preview of same. Cache removals of web page snippets are required for those web sites whose contents get updated each hour and webmasters of those can’t afford slow cache update mechanism of Google. Though Google employs “Query Deserves Freshness” a.k.a  Google “Caffine” algorithms for web pages which update frequently and are highly viewed by masses but still the cache module of Google needs some time to be updated which might distracts users from on time information if they land directly on cached version of website, somehow.

Another instance being accidentally publishing some confidential information over web though; you maintain that webpage but cached down copy of your web page still remains. Below mentioned techniques is useful handling such situations

Remove Web Page Cache from Your own Website

So let’s get down how you can prevent Google temporarily or permanently to cache pages from your website. First you need to have your website verified with Google either through Google Webmaster central or Google Analytics. If you don’t have your website enlisted in your Google account then know how you can do it here:

Once your website gets verified by Google then you can access Google analytics for same. So login with your Google account in analytics and choose website from where you like to request removal of cached web pages. In “Site Configuration” Tab of Google Webmasters select “Crawler Access”. In Crawler Access select Remove URL tab as shown.

Google Webmaster URL Removal tool

Create New Removal Request by entering the URL of webpage. There you get three options as

  • Remove Page from Search Results and Cache
  • Remove Page from Cache Only
  • Remove Directory

Remove Page from Cache Only
Choose second option “Remove Page from Cache Only” and your cache removal request is submitted to Google. Google automatically invalidates the cache of your webpage within 24-48 hours from the time of its removal request.

Note: Google re crawls your webpage to place in its cache after the minimum of 90 days. To permanently remove any URL from Google cache you need to place

<meta name="robots" content="noarchive">

tag in the head section of that webpage which you don’t like to be cached by Google ever.

Google Webmaster URL Removal Tool has certain implications and should not be used in ad-hoc manner as it will negatively impact your website rankings over Google. Read More about it here

Remove Web Page Cache from somebody Other’s website

Similarly you can submit cache removal request from some other one’s website. This is required if some website has previously published some explicit or illegal information which negatively impact your business. With your request the Webmaster of that website has put that webpage down or updated its content but Google cache still revealing that vulnerable information. To remove cache content from some other ones webpage use Google Public URL Removal Too l but still at least you have Google account to use the same.

Google Public Content Removal Tool
Place URL you found objectionable to remove cache copy of that. Google will then verify if that URL is actually live over web. If yes; then Google asks for typing any word present in cache copy but not now in actual webpage. Submit your request hitting “Remove Cached Version of this Page” and you are done. Google take your request into consideration within 3-4 of its business days and take down the cache copy of same.

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