NEWS! Panda Update 3.5 in A Nutshell – Latest SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Hello SEOs

Google Panda Update 3.5

And here comes Google Panda 3.5,  savior as well as terminator of many online businesses. Just rolled out of Google shelves  Panda 3.5 is not much discussed and that’s why nothing can be much said with surety about it functioning. But there are some key points which are noticeable and hinted at Google Official blog on how you can be a WINNER or big LOSER to Google Panda update 3.5. To brief, Panda 3.5 will bring 11.8% change to user queried results of web pages especially of US audience encouraging healthy web ecosystem to prevail. so what are the Do’s and Don’ts after Panda 3.5 Update Continue reading →

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