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As most of you know that Page title if structured well does a lot in building web page rankings. Though; an old concept to discuss but“Title Building” is a concept of great worth to implement within your web pages. Hereunder are some Dos and Don’ts to let major search engines like Google into believing that your newly created webpage does actually posses some worth to its audience and thereby presenting it high into its SERPs.


Never Keyword Stuff your Webpage Title

Repeating Keyword in Webpage title though gains you instant Search Engine visibility but its vain in long run Search Engines rankings and building authority. It’s ideal to embed your Keyword right at the start of web page title with its close synonym or brief meaning after “—” or some delimiter like that.

Never Copy (Partially or fully) your Competitor’s website Title

It’s of no use if you create titles similar to your competitors’ webpage replacing your product for his. Google starves for unique content and if your title syntax matches earlier cached titles then it’s of no new thing for Google and you can’t expect Google attention for that too. Clever SEO calls for fetching the theme with which your competitor webpage title is written and generate a unique theme blending your style and somewhat of your Competitors style resulting into Titles which are SEO crafted and unique to Google. Master this art with Trial and practice as there is no sure shot way for this.


Divide Webpage Title

Divide Webpage Title into two or more Keyword rich modules embedding delimiters like — › & to connect Title distributions e.g.

HEXVIEW® — Products & Services › HEXVIEW PST & HEX Corrupt PST
Maintain Title Length

Maintain Title Length in between 60 – 75 words excluding delimiters. This is conventional SEO practice and should be followed at large.

Mention Trademarks/ Copyrights in Product biased Titles

As seen Google give preferences to those webpage titles which embed their copyright marks or TM in their titles. Tweak: If your product is not registered or is selling out by multiple names then you can freely use TM (™) following your Title Keyword which is the ad-hoc product name for that webpage. Watching (⃨) delimiter in your Title Google took it as authority page and maintains good index positions in its SERPs.

Above all its uniqueness of title which does matter a lot in Google index rankings of any webpage and any vague technique can hit the shot right. Above mentioned points are largely experienced thus deserves documentation but feel free to use new techniques and weird ideas while writing web page titles. All the Best.

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